Our addiction treatments are built on good science and hard work.


Finding great addiction treatment can be a daunting task, and frequently, patients and their families don’t know where to start. The team at Genovese Medical are here to help. We do not believe in a one-size-fits all approach to medicine. We treat the whole person, not just the disease.

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Our team collaborates with many medical experts and innovators in the medical arena. We often tackle unique obstacles and work towards multi-faceted solutions from a client-first approach. From service plaforms to patient out-reach, we've done it all.

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On the road to recovery, genetics is the bridge to get you there.

The Genovese Approach


Our patients receive the highest standard of care from Board Certified physicians, highly experienced trained nurses, and therapists with whom we partner. We have a staff of compassionate, highly credentialed medical professionals with many years of experience in their fields.


We believe healthcare is a private matter, and as such, confidentiality is a hallmark of our care. Our conversations, all of our medical records, and everything that happens surrounding a patient's treatment and/or recovery is 100% confidential.


We provide an exclusinve 1:1 treatment experience where we can focus solely on our patients' well-being. Our concierge medical professionals will cater to your individual needs, treating you completely and holistically. We address addiction and the underlying or co-occurring behavioral health conditions to optimize your health.


We treat the whole person and the individual person. And because genetics may account for much of the variability in response to drug therapies, we frequently start off with pharmacogenomic testing to ensure that we customize the right treatment plan.

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An Integrated Approach to Officer Wellbeing

Published by: the FBI National Academy Associate Magazine As a psychiatrist, I view police officers as an underserved population.  Because of their regular exposure to stressors and trauma which is out of the scope of normalcy to the general public, police officers are extremely vulnerable to Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, addiction, depression, and suicide. While they are […]


Worldwide Treatment for Depression

The GeneSight test helps healthcare providers make better treatment decisions based on a person’s genetic makeup. GeneSight testing is based on advanced CPGx® technology, a patented approach that analyzes variations and combinations of a person’s genes along with FDA-approved medications for behavioral health conditions and chronic pain.  Numerous peer-reviewed, published studies have proven its clinical […]


Over the past 15 years we have surrounded ourselves with amazing partners and have been accredited by many prestious organizations.